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Your responsibilities regarding underground storage tanks

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Depending on what type of business you run, it may be required to comply with numerous environmental laws of both the state and federal governments. 

Do you run a business that requires one or more underground storage tanks? If you do, then the state of Georgia puts certain requirements on them and you. For instance, in order to register the tanks, you must have certain personnel either available or on site. The state’s Environmental Protection Division provides information on who these people are, along with their functions.

The ABCs of underground storage tanks

The EPD requires that any business with certain active underground storage tanks must have Class A, Class B and Class C operators in order to meet the registration requirements of the EPD. Each operator has specific obligations, such as:

  • The primary responsibility of a Class A operator is to ensure the business complies with all of the applicable regulatory requirements of the EPD, but cannot have any direct responsibility for any task. The Class A operator may be the same person as the Class B operator.
  • The primary responsibility of a Class B operator is to oversee the daily duties of maintaining, operating and keeping records for the underground storage tanks. This individual also lets the appropriate people know when the tanks need maintenance or repair.
  • The primary responsibility of a Class C operator is to respond to alarms or emergencies resulting from releases and/or spills from the storage tank system. This person must be on site and possess the proper skills and knowledge to perform the necessary duties.

If the tanks are not active, including in temporary-out-of-use status, you do not need a Class C operator on site. You will need to send operator certificates for each class to the EPD to remain in compliance. An EPD-approved training course is available.

The other regulations for underground storage tanks

You probably already know that other regulations regarding the storage tanks apply as well. Whether the tanks were already there, you had them put in or you will have them put in, you need to make sure they meet with the most current regulations possible. Otherwise, your business could attract the attention of at least the EPD, if not the federal Environmental Protection Agency as well.

It always seems as if every law has a grey area to it. For this reason, it would probably be in your best interest to do your homework to make sure that your business remains in compliance with all environmental laws that apply to it, not just those pertaining to the underground storage tanks.


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