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Why hand washing and holiday decorating should go together

If you are like many Georgia residents and holiday lovers in general, you might have lights hung on the house and around a tree or two. While the twinkling lights put a twinkle in your eye and joy in your heart, they might be leaving something a little less happy on your hands.

TCE contamination of drinking water continues to grow

A University of Georgia professor specialized is research of trichloroethylene or TCE. TCE was a solvent that has been used as a degreaser in the manufacture of automobile parts. Though use of TCE has declined in recent years, contamination from past use is widely spread.

Toxic exposure lawsuit compares paint and tobacco industries

The many people who are glued to their TV screens when Mad Men is on won't have a hard time visualizing marketing as a field that doesn't always have the best intentions. Would Don Draper have a problem pitching a paint product if it might be dangerous to children? He and his team certainly didn't have a problem trying to profit from tobacco.

Study: Buildings in U.S. recklessly house explosive chemicals

In a previous post we discussed the tragedy of a fertilizer plant explosion in Texas. An entire community was not only physically but emotionally rocked by the explosion that was caused when a fire started in a plant and led to the explosion of hazardous chemicals within the building.

Big appliance manufacturer is target of toxic torts

Look around your home. Look at your washing machine. Look at your refrigerator. Look at your dishwasher. Do you have anything that is Whirlpool brand? It is a popular home brand, but that doesn't mean that the company behind the appliances that so many Americans count on does everything right.

More air quality improvements necessary to improve kids' health

If there is any reason why the public can agree that environmental matters matter, it is for the health of the nation's children. Kids are born into this world having played no role in the condition of the environment. Yet, they are the most vulnerable to the problems that exist within the water, air and overall environmental landscape.

Toxic exposure affects people right down to their toenails

Health reports are abuzz with a recent incident of potential toxic exposure in New Jersey. Though the situation isn't taking place in Georgia, the environmental and health matter presents a point that's relevant everywhere: people's health is directly tied to the health of the environment around them.

Oil companies accused of toxic exposure due to diluted product

Oil runs more than just the cars that we drive. It is used to heat buildings, including the buildings that some residents live in or where kids attend school. When the matter is heated what is put in the air might be invisible to the naked eye, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't impact people's health.

Doctor takes her toxic exposure fears about fracking to public

"Some fights you must fight, even if you know deep down that you're going to lose," insists a family practice doctor who devotes time to warning communities about the potential health hazards connected to fracturing (also known as fracking). In a recent post about toxic exposure, we shared worries from researchers about how fracking can lead to sick animals.

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